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Record your weblecture(serie)

Weblectures - On-demand

Central Payment ESA
  • – On-demand Playback

Weblectures - Live broadcast

Central Payment ESA
  • – Live broadcast (Delay minimal 30sec)- On-demand playback on same link
  • – More information on live streaming from main lecture hall to overflow room
  • Condition – Streaming to overflow room

Manual: Request for Weblectures 2019-2020

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Global planning is made Latest options for addition to planning
Period 1 01 August 20 August
Period 2 15 October 01 November
Period 3 15 January 01 February
Period 4 15 March 12 April

Request information

General Information

  • Request one or more web lectures from your course code
    • All information about your request is send to the applicant
  • We record with trained Collegerama Student-Assistant:
    • Mobile sets: The presenter (camera), audio and output laptop
    • Fixed sets: The presenter (camera), audio room and output beamer
  • We automatically record with fixed sets:
    (The presenter (camera), audio room and output beamer)

    • In rooms:
      • 3mE-CZ A
      • 3mE-CZ B
      • 3mE-CZ C
      • 3mE-CZ D
      • 3mE-CZ E
      • Aula-CZ B
      • Aula-CZ C
      • BK-CZ A
      • EWI-Ampere
      • EWI-Boole
  • Weblectures will be published on this website automatically
  • It is possible to copy the direct link (channel) to the recording in Brightspace
    • At the moment we are working (with Brightspace) on an automatic link to be able to show recordings directly in the corresponding course ;
      • Delivery: Summer 2020
  • Recording is directly uploaded after the recording
    • Without working fixed network in lecture hall, the upload will be made within 2 work days
  • Information about (dis)approved request(s) will be sent in lecture week x.10 of the period prior to the period in which your lecture is to be recorded.