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Frequently Asked Questions

Playback issues in Safari with dual-video Mediasite content 2017-10-24T15:39:40+00:00


Both videos don’t always load when using Safari to play dual-video Mediasite content. Sometimes both load, but other times only one or the other will load. You may experience inconsistent behavior when refreshing the page.


Safari now has Auto-Play settings that can impact Mediasite playback. To change this behavior navigate to Safari > “Settings for This Website…” Click to the right of Auto-Play, and select “Allow All Auto-Play.” For more information on the Auto-Play settings see the following Safari article: Stop autoplay videos

Link to Supplier (Knowlegde base) 

Playback issues in Edge browser after installing Windows 10 Creators Update 2017-06-13T11:47:35+00:00

Knowledge Base Supplier: June, 6, 2017


After installing the Windows 10 Creators Update, Edge browser does not play Mediasite content where Flash is required.


Microsoft is restricting Flash in the Creators update. When Edge blocks Flash content it should display a warning with the option to “Allow once” or “Always allow” Flash on the current site. If you wish to override this behavior navigate to Menu > Settings > View Advanced Settings. Toggle “Use Adobe Flash Player” from Off to On.

Additional Comments

More information about this change can be found in the Windows Blog here.



Download recording 2017-03-13T15:28:36+00:00

Collegerama records lectures with a double video stream; which makes a fairly strong internet connection essential. We are not recording on high resolutions but already our stream is significant. Lowering resolutions to enable smooth playback on poor wifi is no option for us; slides would become unreadable as well as handwriting on black/whiteboards.

Apart from the above, we service the TU Delft by making Collegerama recordings. We do not have copyright on these recordings therefore we can not make downloads available. Lastly, it is simply not possible to make a download with both video streams in one video. So we would have to make a choice: lecturer or slides?

HTTPS security 2017-02-20T12:04:58+00:00

Collegerama uses https encryption for security reasons. The regular content is not https enabled, but the part where you login as student/employee is. Your net-id and password are not visible to outsiders.

Recording request students 2017-02-17T10:51:39+00:00

Requests for recording weblecture(s) is only possible by the teacher/employee. Students can not send a request.

I have a problem with login Collegerama 2018-02-27T13:34:48+00:00

First check before contact:

  • You are able to login to Brightspace?

Collegerama is connected via SurfConext (which is the gateway to all TU Delft platforms). Collegerama only checks your netid on the authentication server. If you can login to your webmail, you should also be able to login to Collegerama.

High Impact & Bug reports

There is no technical issues on this moment



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Support via Whatsapp

New Service…

It is possible to answer your problems / questions via whatsapp. This is only possible via a message. Calling is not possible via this service.

We try to answer within 2 hour.

You can ask us your problems / questions in Dutch and English

Whatsapp – Employee
Whatsapp – Student
Whatsapp – External

!! Note:

We would like to ask you to send your question / problem to us in ONE message in order to be able to respond as good as possible.

Example message:

I’m Student/Employee /External


problem / question


Support via E-mail

After receiving the support request, a TU Delft call will be created through TopDesk. This will involve further communication.

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