1-4-2015 Update (2): Problems concerning Collegerama

Text April 1st: (no jokes concerning this topic)

After having conducted several tests last week, the ICT department of the TU Delft will conduct maintenance on our servers. This is planned for next Tuesday, April 7th, from 05:00 – 08:00. A short interruption can occur.

Next to this, there will be maintenance on our servers on Tuesday morning, April 14th, again between 05:00 – 08:00.

All in all, this should clear out all problems concerning the slowness of Collegerama playback.

Text March 25th

At this moment, there are problems with Collegerama when you attempt to load recorded lectures/presentations. Up till now, the exact cause has not been found. Several tests have been conducted in the past week and some minor improvements have shown up. Currently, playback is satisfactory up to a number of 170 simultaneous active viewers. At peak moments however, when this number is exceeded, the loading of a video may take longer (more than two minutes). The video will start to play eventually, but it may take a long time before it does so.

The ICT department of the TU Delft will conduct new tests with other machines within the TU environment which regulate (online) traffic. They are specifically going to see if the Firewall is giving problems with the Collegerama server.


Text March 11th

As you have noticed, Collegerama is currently experiencing problems with loading lectures/presentations. ICT knows what the problem is, but unfortunately there is no quick solution at hand. For the most part, the network of servers and the distributionmachines are loaded to the fullest which can cause the slow loading of recordings.

The solution:
Since last October we are designing a new serverpark, together with ICT of the TU Delft. This new and improved serverpark will be put in service this coming summer; in a calm period of the year. There is no option to do this at the moment.

We apologize for the current situation but have to ask for your patience until the summer of this year. We are in close contact with ICT in order to keep the delay of the server to a minimum.

If necessary or if new information comes available, we will update this message.

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