Lecture not online

  • Riccardo Ferrari

    This year lectures for the course IN4390 Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems are not online (only year 2015-16 is available, not 2016-17). Could you upload them?

  • Nitin

    The last three lectures of course CH3173a Structure/Property Relationships of Advanced Chemical Products cannot be found. Please upload them if they are available.

    • There is a problem in the activity network with Collegerama. We upload the lectures today/tomorrow

      • Nitin

        The lecture on December 1st for CH3173a Structure/Property Relationships of Advanced Chemical Products cannot be found.

        • is now online

          • Nitin

            Lecture 17 dated 12-12-2016 is also not online.

          • All lectures recorded in the new AS building can not be uploaded directly due to a lack of active internet connections. We do our utmost to have them online asap.

  • Fernando

    Where are all he AE bachelor aerodynamics 1 and 2 lectures!?

    • Hi Fernando, could you specify a course code? All recordings for AE can be found on our website. If you can’t find a specific course, it has either not been recorded, or is offline because a lecturer has requested us to do so.

      • Fernando

        AE2130-I and AE2130-III
        Sorry for the late reply. Would be nice if these are online.

  • reza

    I saw announcement on Blackboard that Performance Analysis class in Q2 2016 (this period) will be recorded on Collegerama. How long will the lecture appear here after it is delivered live? Thanks.

    • All recordings made by Collegerama should be online right after the recording has ended (if internet is available to make the upload), or within 48 hours after the lecture.

  • Iram

    Wordt het vak WB2540 opgenomen? Het vak bestaat uit stromingsleer(T2) en warmteoverdracht(T3).

    • Alle opnames die worden gedaan zijn te vinden in de agenda. Vind je het daar niet, zal het niet opgenomen worden.

  • Andreas

    The lectures for AE1130-I_17 and AE1130-I_18 are missing. Where they recorded?

    • SaraLukas

      I’ve had troubles with the magic diagram-creation that was explained in those lectures, and I’ve found the previous years’ videos helpful, the lectures are actually fantastic.

    • The lecture AE1130-I_17 could not be made on November 11th, due to the electricity problems in CiTG. The recording of AE1130-I_18 has not been made.