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Application Status
Collegerama TU Delft (Livestream & on-demand) Operational
Collegerama Supplier (Livestream) Operational
Planning & request Operational
Statistics Education (period 1) per week2020-11-10T15:09:29+01:00
More.. Analytics per faculty
Statistics Education (period 2) per week2021-01-04T15:49:00+01:00
More.. Analytics per faculty
Statistics Education (period 3) per week2020-09-07T10:22:13+02:00
Statistics Education (period 4) per week2020-09-07T10:22:04+02:00
More.. Analytics per faculty
Statistics Education (period 5) per week2020-09-07T10:26:01+02:00
More.. Analytics per faculty
Can I download a recording?2021-10-25T13:06:02+02:00

It is NOT possible to download a recording

​​​​​​​Collegerama records lectures with a double/triple video stream; making a reasonably strong internet connection essential.

The application also ensures that all incoming inputs (video, presentation, digital smartboard and audio) continue to sync. If an adjustment is made in the supplied editor of the application, all sources will be removed from the adjusted point at the point of editing, to let everything show in sync.

We don’t record at high resolutions, but our stream is already significant. Lowering resolutions to allow smooth playback on poor Wi-Fi is not an option for us; slides would become unreadable, as would handwriting on black/whiteboards.

Due to the above download is not possible.

More info about Copyright (TU Delft Library)

More info about Editting my recorded lectures Collegerama

Is it possible to record with Zoom with GDPR?2020-04-08T11:40:33+02:00
Request Education Q42020-04-02T14:57:26+02:00

Update: 2 April:

The new education period 4 starts on April 20, 2020. At this moment we are preparing how we will work this period. On April 7, 2020, we will send all course managers (who are known via Brightspace) an email about the possibilities we can offer.

Because there is no official announcement yet for the upcoming teaching period 4, we request that you still apply for the application in the normal way. If other reports are made public in the coming weeks, we will review our working method.

Tip & Tricks – Home recording(s)2020-04-03T10:56:12+02:00
Tip and Tricks – Home recording(s)
Why has my request from period q4 been canceled?2020-04-07T20:17:38+02:00

Because we now facilitate our service in a centralized manner, we have set up a number of rooms on campus. This means that we do not have to cross the entire campus with all our systems. It is now also not possible to provide education in all rooms and buildings are also closed. We also still use ordinary personnel (SA’s) to facilitate the admissions.
In the planning application it is not possible to adjust the location of the lecture and we do not want to put this work down with the faculty-schedulers to have it all changed. We also expect that not all applications will go through. We have also adjusted the times because lectures now simply take longer with admission without students and in order to facilitate more. We already noticed that 80% is being canceled and have therefore opted for this service. It is as required by the protocol to have as few personnel as possible. It would be a shame if we let staff come continuously, without a lecture taking place.

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