More info TU Delft Malfunction


Update 11:00am
An adjustment has now been made by the supplier. It appears to be resolved at the moment. This issue will be closely monitored in the coming hours.


Update 17:15pm:
At the moment a number of leads have been found. Unfortunately this did not give the desired result. The supplier of the equipment in the data center is currently being approached to look into this issue.

Update 10:00am:
At this moment ICT has started looking for the problem again. The problem seems to be in the direction of the storage data that cannot be connected to.


Update 10:00pm:
Due to persistent problems and have not yet been able to find an issue, a further search will continue on Saturday morning for the persistent problem.
We find it very annoying and hopefully the problem will be found tomorrow (Saturday 26 June 2021).

Update 07:30pm:
At the moment the problem has not been found yet. The IT department has launched an investigation

Update 5:00pm:

At the moment, slowness is experienced when requesting recordings. There doesn’t seem to be just any problems with Collegerama. The IT department is investigating where the problems come from.