@update 9 October: There is a fix for this problem from our Supplier

Last summer, a number of lecture halls has been equipped with an automated recording systems for Collegerama. The latest models of Sonic Foundry recorders have been installed.

These recorders start and stop recording by preset schedules; these are so-called unmanned recordings. When the recording is finished, the data is processed and uploaded to the TU Delft servers. Normally, the recorded lecture is available for playback within ten minutes after the recording has ended. However, since the start of this academic year, some recorders have malfunctioned, resulting in a recording of 0kb. The recorders which have run into trouble, have mostly made proper recordings however.

The malfunction may happen with recorders placed in lecture halls:

  • 3mE: CZA and B
  • Aula: CZ B and C
  • Bouwkunde: CZ A
  • EWI: CZ Ampere and Boole
  • CiTG: CZ A

We are currently looking into this problem. In close contact with our supplier of the recorders we have conducted and are conducting tests to see where the origin of this problem can be found. It appears to be software related; our supplier should be able to make a hotfix to resolve this issue.

Until then, we are sorry to inform you that some scheduled recordings might fail. We can’t predict when or where this will happen.

We hope to have herewith informed you; we will keep you posted on further developments concerning this issue.