In the upcoming teaching period, your lectures are planned to be recorded and published on There are different ways in which Collegerama can capture/record your lecture. We would like to inform you of the differences and hope that by providing you with this information, you know what to expect and we (all) end up with valuable recordings.

Our team of student operators (SO) will make a large number of the planned recordings with mobile equipment. The SO will be present in the lecture hall  before and during the recording. The camera will be controlled manually and the SO will make sure both lecturer and written text (chalk- or whiteboard) are captured in the best way.


Since there won’t be an operator present in the room/hall where you will be giving your lecture, there are a few issues of which we would like to remind you:

Apple MACbook / Tablet Only via VGA via HDMI, Displayport, Thunderbolt, USB-C
Note: Content Security HDCP
Head worn microphone X No microphone,  No Recording
If you want to use the Smartboard X
Note: See table on the right


In a growing number of lecture halls however, we are going to make so-called scheduled recordings. We will only make this kind of recordings in rooms where the option of ‘digital writing’ exists. The camera won’t follow you as is done with operator controlled recordings; it will capture the area where we expect the lecturer to be. The recordings start & stop at preset times. If necessary, we can trim the beginning and end of the recordings (and remove the break).

  1. The halls where we will make automated recordings (withOUTcamera control); these are halls in which Collegerama can capture the 3 streams: camera image, beamer image and the image of the Smartboard. See chart below, column 1.
  2. The halls where we will make automated recordings (withOUTcamera control); these are halls in which Collegerama can capture the 2 streams: camera image, beamer image. See chart below, column 2. In these halls, please make sure to have the Smartboard seen on the beamer projection; use a 4 quadrant projection and have the Smartboard be seen in one of these quadrants.
  3. The halls where we will make semi automated recordings (withcamera control); these are halls in which lecturers can/will make use of the chalkboard. A student operator will control the camera from a remote location (central location on Campus). See chart below, column 3.
  Fully automated,
no personnel

  •  Camera
  • beamer
  • Smartboard
Fully automated,
no personnel

  • Camera
  • Beamer
Semi automated & with personnel

  • Camera
  • Beamer
3mE CZ A V
3mE-CZ B V
3mE-CZ C V
3mE-CZ D V
3mE-CZ E V
Aula-CZ B V
Aula-CZ C V
EWI-CZ Ampere V
EWI-CZ Boole V
IO-Joost van der Grinten

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