Collegerama is a student-oriented service; it allows students to (re)watch lectures in case

  1. they were unable to attend the actual lecture themselves – for whatever reason;
  2. the content was difficult to understand due to language differences or accessibility reasons;
  3. of (early) study preparation for an exam.

The made lecture recordings belong to the Technical University of Delft. As such, they are not allowed to be used outside the TU Delft. Users (students & staff) need a valid Net-id to access the recordings of Collegerama.

Our policy is to publish a recording as soon as possible. Normally, this means that a recording can be online within 15 minutes after that recording has ended. This policy applies to all recordings made by Collegerama; we can’t make exceptions per lecturer/section/faculty.

Recordings on Collegerama remain accessible online, unless we receive a request to take it offline – in practice this only happens when we are notified that content has become obsolete due to changes in curriculum.

Text modifed: Jan, 25 2023