Agree to the following conditions

  • Speaker
    • The speaker has been informed that he/she will be recorded and has given approval for this recording.
    • If a speaker states (on day of recording) that he/she does not want to be recorded, we will not record this speaker.
  • Live broadcast
    • If the link will be used in a overflow room we will not provide (technical) support in the second room.
  • Technical
    • Collegerama only supports the equipment owned by Collegerama and not the equipment in the recording room.
  • Network
    • Collegerama is not responsible for the (mal)functioning of the network of the university.
  • Payment
    • Only with the correct information Collegerama will schedule the recording and send the link.


Collegerama is a recording service. Collegerama captures and publishes lectures and event by request. The recording of education has our first priority; all personnel and material capacity of Collegerama will primarily be used for recording and publishing educational lectures. If logistically possible, Collegerama can also record events. The request for such a recording should reach us at least seven days prior to the event which is to be recorded.

Live broadcast of any recording (lecture or event) is possible, but we only provide this service if we can publish the recording afterwards. We do not provide live broadcast for overflow construction only.

    Accept all the above