Recording your…

  • Lecture & Speech
    • Lunch
    • Inspiration
  • Design presentation
  • Symposium
  • Event

On-demand Webcast -1 Camera

100,00per hour
  • A recording shorter than an hour is charged as one hour. We charge from beginning to end, including breaks. The end of a recording will be rounded off to an hour or half an hour.

    • €40,00 extra per hour in case of
      • Evening; After 07:00pm (NL)
      • Weekend


    An additional 21% VAT is charged via external payment

  • Recording quality and weight of the playback/stream;

    Minimal bandwidth 3,5Mbps

    • Input 1: Camera; 940 x 560px
    • Input 2: Presentation laptop

Extra Option(s) for recording

Live Broadcast

40,00per hour

Recording Equipment


  • The camera will be controlled from a fixed position.
  • The camera can pan, zoom & tilt
  • We focus on the lecturer(s) as much as possible.
  • Windows 10
  • Office 2016
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Internet browser

Share your recording…

This video shows an entire recording with the addition of chapters. With these chapters, viewers can jump through the recording and decide where to start or continue watching.

This video shows a complete recording without chapters;  viewers can scroll the timeline and start/continue watching at any point.

All presentations in this link are visible. By clicking any picture of a video, that video will start playing.

Option(s) after recording

Cost per video: €20,00 per 30min video

If Vodcasts have been generated (by request), these can be downloaded from our server and uploaded to a platform of your choosing:

Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Other videoplatform(s)

Note: We cannot download the original files due to the multiple sources that are linked to each other for Live brodcast and/or playback.

We can supply an in-/outro, with no added costs. If an in-/outro has to be developed, the extra costs involved will be added to your invoice.