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Recording lecture capture2020-08-28T16:29:13+02:00
Lecture Capture on campus
Upload Educational video
Make your own video

On campus Education in Lecture hall
With course information from

  • Data (course information) import in Request application

  • Live broadcast

    • Delay 30 seconds from main hall to (every) device
    • Viewable in/outside campus
  • On-demand

  • Embed recording(s) in Brightspace

    • Manual action by Teacher or SA
  • Archive

  • Costs paid by faculty

  • Chat of question possibillities

  • Link to:

    • Skype
    • Zoom
    • Vitural Classroom (YouSeeU, via Brightspace)
    • Microsoft Teams
Responsibilities FULL – lecture room2020-07-20T14:03:34+02:00

Last modifed: 20 July 2020

in (lecture) Hall
Option A
Fully automated
Option B
Fully automated
Option A or B Option C
With camera control
Option D
With personnel
  • 3mE-CZ A
  • 3mE-CZ B
  • BK-CZ A
  • Aula-CZ B
  • Aula-CZ C
  • CT-CZ A
  • EWI-CZ Ampere
  • EWI-CZ Boole
  • Pulse-Hall06
  • 3mE-CZ E
  • LR-CZ A
  • 3mE-CZ C
  • 3mE-CZ D
  • CT-CZ B
  • CT-CZ D
  • Aula-Auditorium
Microphone Only via Servicepoint Only via Servicepoint Only via Servicepoint Service Auditorium Only via Equipment Collegerama
Connect your Apple device Only via VGA
Note: Content Security for recording, HDCP protocol
Only via VGA Service Auditorium
  • HDMI
  • VGA
Connect your Windows device
  • HDMI
  • Displayport
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • Displayport
  • VGA
Service Auditorium
  • HDMI
  • VGA
Room PC V V Service Auditorium X
Use of Smartboard V V
Only via Beamer
(4 Quadrant)
V Camera filming board
Use of chalkboard X V Camera filming board
Camera control Personel (SA) X X V V
(4 Remote camera’s)
What recording?
3 streams
2 streams
Responsibilities SHORT – lecture room2020-07-10T13:50:53+02:00

Not all lecture rooms have an operator on location, this makes you responsible for a successful recording. To make sure your entire lecture is recorded:

  • Use the microphone
  • Check the visibility of chalkboard/Smartboard
    • See more info: Responsibility – lecture room
  • Apple devices only:
    • Plug in via VGA
    • plug via HDMI?, Your content blocked in our recording with a green/black screen (HDCP protocol)

More detailed information on your responsibilities as lecturer.

Request before…

Global planning is made Latest options for addition to planning
Period 1 01 August 20 August
Period 2 15 October 01 November
Period 3 15 January 01 February
Period 4 15 March 12 April
Request: Campus Education in Lecture hall

Update Friday August 28th, 16:00

We can’t process requests for Monday August 31st. All incoming requests, as of now, will be processed on Monday.

  • Upload

    • YouSeeU (Virtual Classroom)
    • Skype
    • Zoom
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Camtasia
    • Other (video) Recording product
  • Archive your own content

DoItYourSelf Recording/upload Software available

First period of 2021 by Supplier

Upload video

Your OWN Recording
Lecture Capture,
other location

It is possible to archive your own recording Lecture Capture. Make your recording and upload to our server. Collegerama will process this with the data provided.

Make your own video

In collaboration with Teaching & Learning Support, has shown a number of options for recording videos yourself.

After making these videos it is possible to upload this recording to Collegerama.

The videos are stored as archive material in our video portal