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Technology, Policy and Management

Live streams moved due to ongoing problems

The live streams can be found via a different channel from 23 November 2020. This has to do with the ongoing problems.


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Due to an ICT maintenance weekend

Due to a planned ICT maintenance weekend, several connections will be intermittently unavailable on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December.

Collegerama will be short(s) breaks on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 December. Please keep in mind that services Collegerama might also be unavailable during this time frame.

For actual status, check: https://meldingen-ict.tudelft.nl


TPM – BSc Education recordings2020-07-07T09:36:24+02:00
TPM – MSc Education Recordings2020-07-07T09:37:05+02:00
TPM – Presentation Recordings2020-07-07T10:22:30+02:00
TPM – Total Education Recordings2020-07-07T09:37:53+02:00
TPM – Total Education Views2020-07-20T11:28:25+02:00
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