Due to COVID-19, the demand for live streams has become extraordinarily high. Before COVID-19, 100 live viewers per week would be normal. Now however, we see numbers of well over 1000 viewers during peak moments. These viewers all demand the same video(s) at the same time, which puts a lot of stress on the video servers at the TU Delft.

Since September ’20, we have encountered persistent problems concerning live streaming of Collegerama. The supplier of our platform, together with the IT department of the TU Delft, have been working hard these last months in order to solve these problems. Unfortunately, we are still troubled by performance issues and have no forecast when this will be fully resolved.

To improve the reliability of livestreaming, the NewMedia Centre has decided to change the way in which we provide live streaming. Starting from MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd 2020, we will temporarily offer livestreaming in a slightly different manner.

What will lecturers & students notice:

  • Livestreaming will be facilitated through the cloud environment of our platform supplier (instead of through TU Delft servers)
  • Livestreams will only be viewable through our website (http://collegerama.tudelft.nl) on a channel dedicated for these new livestreams.
  • Users will have to create a personal profile the first time they want to access the new channel
    At this moment there is no link with the TU Delft NETiD (as is used for accessing Collegerama videos). If we are forced to use the new cloud environment for a longer period of time, we could decide to use NETiD as login option. It takes a considerable amount of time to realise this however.
  • After the livestream has ended, the recording won’t be published on the cloud environment of our supplier.
  • The recording will be published on the Collegerama environment of the TU Delft and can be found with the other recordings
    We ensure to publish on Collegerama within 1 office day.

The changes mentioned above are all part of an emergency facility. The cloud environment of our supplier is not fully complete and won’t resemble the usual Collegerama environment. We ask for your understanding.

Click on image below. After opening the link you will have to create an account the first time to view the recordings.

Live stream Lecture Capture