In period 4 of course year 2022-2023, a pilot with an auto-tracking camera will take place in CEG-hall E. An extra camera (overview and tracking) will be placed in the lecture hall, which – based on software – will frame the lecturer and make his/her analogue writing visible to the viewer. The results of this pilot will be held against recordings which are currently made with help of student operators, who control the camera manually. This pilot is run together with the AV-ICT department of the TU Delft.

What is expected of me?

The lecturer doesn’t have to do anything other than give his/her lecture as normal. The person who stands/walks in the front of the hall during, will be seen as the one who needs to be tracked. A certain area will be assigned, within which the tracking camera needs to find and follow the lecturer. If the tracking camera is ‘lost’, it will resort to a default preset and try to recover tracking from there on. We will try to make sure only the lecturer is framed during a recording. However, if students come near the lecturer, they will also be captured in the recording. This also happens in our current recordings.

What will a recording look like?

We will make the recordings in CEG-hall E as you are used to (camera/slides/audio), with an added videostream which shows the video of the tracking camera. If the footage coming from the tracking camera is not (yet) satisfactory, the recording will still have the camera footage of the camera which is already present in CEG-hall E.

On the touch panel, located at the lectern, a notice will appear once a Collegerama recording has started. The tracking camera will also be active when Collegerama is not recording.