Project Description

Time: 15 minutes

It is possible to produce your own recordings and have these made available through Collegerama; they will be added to the correct folder which contains the already made recordings of your lecture series. We have set up a short workflow to facilitate your uploads.

  • navigate to
  • click ‘login’ and subsequently choose the correct institution (TU Delft)
  • login with your Netid


To be able to process the video as well as possible, we have some requirements for uploading the video to Surf FileSender. By using the condition below, we are able to place the video with the correct course code.

The upload will be processed within 2 working days.

  • Title video
    • Education video
      • Coursecode lecture number or Title lecture
        • Example: AB1234 lecture01
        • Example AB1234 Titel information
    • Other video’s
      • Titel – faculty
        • Example: Master information Wind Energy – AE

If this method is not followed, it is possible that the videos will not be published within the stipulated time.

  • enter the email adress of Collegerama ( in the TO field.
  • enter the subject -> Course code of the video
  • select the files you want to upload (max 100 files/max 1 Terabyte)

multiple files? Send the files in a batch.

The videos are uploaded to Collegerama before 16:00 on working days. We aim to process this within 1 working day to the server at the relevant course.