Time: 15 minutes

The basics of editing a video includes adjusting the opening of your video, trimming outtakes and adding chapter points. By the end of this lesson you will have the skills to quickly edit a video presentation

Editing a video requires more rights to edit the lecture.
First request access via the contact form.

NOTE: It is only possible for a course manager to contact Collegerama to edit the videos and to whom access must be granted

Login to my Weblecuture(s) for editing

  • Login with your TU Delft netID


Online Documentation Editor Supplier

1)    Select a video for editing

1.1. Click: Shared Folders
1.2. Select a recording for editing

2)    Click on “Edit Video”

3) Select video Source for enable Camera and Presentation/smartboard

3.1 Left (video + audio):   Video 1 (Camera)
3.2 Right (video):              Video 2 (Presentation) or Video 3 (Smartboard)

4) Editten Video

Actuel Online Documentation Editor Supplier

5)    Commit change…

Commit to current:
This option is similar to using Save in a document. When you commit to current it will override the existing presentation and apply all edits.

Commit to New:
This option is similar to using Save As. You will be prompted to give the file a new name. In My Medasite a new presentation will be created with the edits while the original will remain.

This is a unique feature that allows you to save the edited presentation to one that already exists in My Mediasite. Most often you will use this when a blank presentation was created as a placeholder for the final edited version.