Collegerama can record your lecture (for on-demand playback) & livestream at the same time. This is not always clear to everyone: lectures marked for ‘live’ will also always be available for on-demand playback. Currently, we provide livestreams and on-demand recordings on separate links.

During Covid lockdowns, the need for livestreams grew so large that the livestream capacity of the on-prem live server reached its limits on several occasions (several simultaneous livestreams with large crowds for each stream) that we decided to move to the cloud version of our supplier for better livestreams.

From September 2022, we will resume livestreaming from our on-prem live server. This means that the method used during Covid (having a different webpage which brings users to the actual livestreams) will become obsolete. Users will find the livestream in the folder of the specific course. Approx. 5 minutes before a livestream is set to start, users will see the link in the course folder. The on-demand video will be available within 10 minutes after the recording/livestream has ended.

In case we see the on-prem live server struggling due to exceeding numbers of users, we may resort to stream lectures with large online audiences from the cloud server. Lecturers will be informed before we actually put his into effect.

We expect to see our on-prem live server to be able to serve up to 1000 users at the same time; regardless of which livestream they are watching. Note: this means 1000 users watching live, not having 1000 users per livestream.

Collegerama Requirements

  • One way communication

  • Delay 30 seconds from main hall to (every) device

  • Viewable in/outside campus

  • License for 1000 live broadcast viewers (simultaneously) for the entire campus education.

  • Chat of question possibillities

    • Only via external platform
  • Connecting recording to:

    • Skype
    • Zoom
    • Vitural Classroom (YouSeeU, via Brightspace)
    • Microsoft Teams