Project Description

Since October 12th 2020, all PhD defences have been broadcast live from TU Delft via Collegerama. This is a service that is offered for free to all PhD candidates.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions

  • Collegerama receives the information (date, name candidate and title of disstertation) to create the link for the livestreams from the Graduate School
  • The unique link will be sent to the doctoral candidate no more than 2 weeks in advance
  • We do not provide a link for Microsoft Teams for the committee members which is used during the defence. Contact the beadle for more information
  • What is automatically Recorded:
    • Layman’s talk
      • Camera and presentation (slides)
    • Defence and closing ceremony
      • Camera registration in Senate hall
      • Teams session
      • All audio coming from microphones Candidate, Committee members, and MS Teams
  • These are our scheduled recording times:
        • 09:25 – 11:45
        • 11:55 – 14:15
        • 14:25 – 16:45
  • The link for the livestream remains active as link to the on-demand recording of every defence.
  • Open public link

  • Recording:

    • Live stream
  • Archive

  • Download not possible

  • Playback after Defence
    Question about why? Contact Graduate School

Showcase – All PhD Defences