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At this time we will process the applications below. You can apply for this via the form below. Based on the possibilities in a certain room, a room will be designated. We will contact you at all times in which room you will be teaching.
If this presents a problem, we will discuss it and look for a joint solution.

These measurements are only applicable during the lockdown period which has been implemented due to the Corona virus. When campus life returns back to normal, we will start using the standard procedure for lecture requests using our online request tool.


Recording Academic Year 2020-2021

Request Requirements

We will process all requests as soon as possible, but please note: all requests that come in after a certain time (as seen in the schedule below) can’t handle recordings on the following day.

  • Monday: 04:00pm -> Wednesday
  • Tuesday: 04:00pm -> Thursday
  • Wednesday: 04:00pm -> Friday
  • Thursday: 04:00pm -> Monday
  • Friday: 04:00pm -> Monday
  • Saturday and Sunday -> Tuesday


Is it possible to record with Zoom with GDPR?2020-04-08T11:40:33+02:00
Why has my request from period q4 been canceled?2020-04-07T20:17:38+02:00

Because we now facilitate our service in a centralized manner, we have set up a number of rooms on campus. This means that we do not have to cross the entire campus with all our systems. It is now also not possible to provide education in all rooms and buildings are also closed. We also still use ordinary personnel (SA’s) to facilitate the admissions.
In the planning application it is not possible to adjust the location of the lecture and we do not want to put this work down with the faculty-schedulers to have it all changed. We also expect that not all applications will go through. We have also adjusted the times because lectures now simply take longer with admission without students and in order to facilitate more. We already noticed that 80% is being canceled and have therefore opted for this service. It is as required by the protocol to have as few personnel as possible. It would be a shame if we let staff come continuously, without a lecture taking place.

Where will my recording take place?2020-04-06T15:44:03+02:00

Collegerama will decide, given on your desired recording facilities, which room is best suitable both for you as well as us.

Is it possible to make a Collegerama recording in any room?2020-04-06T15:39:20+02:00


At the moment we have set up a number of lecture halls that have been drawn up according to the guidelines Covid-19. Based on the request, it will be determined in which room the lecture will be taken. We try to facilitate the teacher as much as possible to the facilities that he / she provided with the application.

We do try to use the rooms as much as possible with digital means to record them better than analogues.

Making several recordings in one time block2020-04-06T15:37:35+02:00


It is possible to make more recordings in a recording time block.

Why other time period than teaching hours2020-04-06T13:27:07+02:00

We want to be able to make as many recordings as possible for the teacher who wants to. We have noticed that admission takes less time than a regular lecture. The recording time now per lecture is between 60-80 minutes. As a result, we have made the blocks a bit shorter, so that we have the opportunity to realize one time block per day.

Request Event(s)

Request for your Event(s)

Request Lecture Capture with Course Code

    E-mail address
    Course code of title presentation
    Facilities recording none(digital) writing boardPresentation Collegerama (windows) laptopPresentation by my own laptop
    Type recording On-demandLive broadcast

    - On-demand: Recording is online within 10 minutes after recording.
    - Live broadcast: Watch live with a delay of at least 30 seconds and playback afterwards


    Please place as many recordings in one application in request to process everything as well as possible and also have an overview of multiple requests.


    • I am flexible in times on the requested day: YesNo
    • I would like to have several lectures recorded in the requested time: YesNo
    Date Recording   Recording time    












    Lectures for Academic Year:



    Times listed above are times that I am present for recording. Collegerama ensures that staff is present in this entire block: yes



    Writing remarks in NL or EN is possible



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