Dear lecturer,

since the COVID-19 measurements are in force, all regular lectures are subject to change. Collegerama would like to reach out to you with some extra support and services. Please take note of our current recording/publishing options which are applicable during the lockdown period.

  1. We are going to clear out our entire recording schedule for the remainder of Q3. This means that all recording sessions which were booked for your course, will be cancelled. If you do want to make recordings with Collegerama, please let us know by filling in the form which can be found on our website (frontpage).
    Please note:

    1. If you have had personal contact with us (phone/-email) and made new recording arrangement: these are still valid and remain scheduled for recording.
    2. You can check our Timetable (=recording schedule) on the website of Collegerama.
    3. any requests for recordings which come in after 17:00 containing sessions planned for the upcoming morning can’t be serviced; anything after 12:00 is manageable.
    4. You can offer your students an existing lecture recording. Please check our website for more information.
  2. If you have other educational videos available and you would like to publish this material together with your Collegerama content, please follow the protocol mentioned on the Collegerama website.
  3. Please check the NewMedia Centre website ( for other services that can support the creation of educational content
  4. Check the website of BrightSpace Support:

The Collegerama team is looking forward to supporting you as best as possible.